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Faculty of Sciences

           U N I V E R S I T Y   OF   K U F A


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Year: 1
Name S
Qassim Kadhim Mohammed 1
Anas Abbas Ghazwan 2
Basim Abdulhussein 3
Basim Abdulhussein 4
Nuhad Habeib Mutlak 5
Sadiq Kadhim 6
Year: 2
Name S
Hakim Jabbar 1
Nuhad Habeib Mutlak 2
Mohammed Awad Hamad 3
Year: 4
Name S
Basim Abdulhussein 1
Mohammed Jwad ALhadeiri 2
Nuhad Habeib Mutlak 3
Year: 3
Name S
Mohammed Jwad ALhaideri 1
Mohammed Jwad ALhaideri 2
Nuhad Habeib Mutlak 3




Faculty of Science

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Faculty of Science
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