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Faculty of Sciences

           U N I V E R S I T Y   OF   K U F A


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The Faculty of Sciences in Brief

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The Faculty of Sciences is a scientific and educational institution aims at establishing knowledge-armed generations of students looking forward to building their country in a changing world, to cope with the scientific and cultural developments that the world witnessing these days. The Faculty of Science is, no doubt, considered one of the scientific flagships of Kufa University. The faculty was established in 1993 and received its students in the academic year 1993-1994 with two departments; the Department of Biology and the Department of Chemistry. To expand the scientific horizons of the faculty, the Department of Physics was established in 1996. Another department related to these scientific departments was started in 2002, that was the Department of Mathematics in 2002, which now constitutes a separate faculty with the Computer Science Department. In 2007, the Department of Laboratory Investigations was innovated. It is one of the departments necessary to enhance the medical process in the Holy City of Najaf. The next year, namely 2008, a new department was added; the Department of Ecology. In the same year, the Department of Mathematics was separated from the faculty as mentioned above and constituted a faculty under the name Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science belonging to the whole magnificent body of University of Kufa. This is a feature prominent of Faculty of Science; initiating new departments, improving and supplying them with scientific staff to enable the University of embracing these departments as faculties standing by themselves. Finally, the Department of Geology was established in 2012 and received its students at the same year. In total, the Faculty of Science has six scientific departments:
Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, Department of Laboratory Investigations, Department of Ecology and Department of Geology. In 1998, the graduate studies for the master degree were initiated first in the Department of Biology. They were closed in 2004, and reopened in 2006.The doctoral studies were started in 2005 for the fields of Plants, Zoology and Microbiology. As for the Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics, they started the graduate studies (master degree) in 2008. Beside the morning studies, the evening studies started at the Department of Biology in 1998, closed in 2003 and finally reopened in 2008.The Department of Chemistry received its students for the evening studies in 2008. The duration of study at the Faculty is four years after which the graduates are awarded bachelor degree of science BSc. according to their specialization. It's worth mentioning that the media of instruction are Arabic and English. In the faculty, there are 212 teachers constituting the faculty; 141 of them are MSc. holders and 71 are PhD. holders. For the staff, there are 120 employees: 103 of them represent the technical staff, instructors, librarians, assistant chemists, biologists and others, 18 employees represent the administrative staff; accountants, statisticians. etc, and 45 are craftsmen: cleaners, porters and others. Every year, the faculty receives hundreds of students both for the morning and evening studies. The faculty is looking forward to increasing these numbers of students to enrich the scientific body of the University of Kufa. For the technical and scientific service, there are 38 laboratories, technical and administrative departments. Besides, there is a large scientific and specialized library of about 6000 books, 500 theses and dissertations, 200 journals. For the internet and computer service, there is an internet center which helps make researching easier for both students and teachers. The Faculty of Science has always been trying to improve its services for Iraq generally and the Holly City of Najaf especially.

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Faculty of Science

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