The Department of Chemistry was established in 1993 and set off in the scientific and research journey as a scientific spring at the University of Kufa in the different chemistry minors as (organic, non-organic, physical, analytical, industrial, biochemical, as well as modern green chemistry and nanotechnology).

The department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences is looking forward, at the quality assurance standards, to follow all the procedures that help developing the department graduates in the working fields of organic, non-organic, analytical, biological, and industrial chemistry. The department is also willing to improve the scientific research to meet the requirements of the society. The department of Chemistry has always received the continuous support from the Faculty of Sciences Office and the University of Kufa in such advanced fields along with the students in the undergraduate and graduate studies.

Vision of the Department

The Department of Chemistry is working in cooperation with the dean’s office, on applying all the standards that in turn develop the faculty quantitatively and qualitatively such as developing the academic curricula and research methods. The department is also looking forward to increasing the capacity for students on one hand; and holding and participating in workshops, seminars, and conferences locally and internationally to improve the academic as well as the administrative work in the faculty.

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Mission of the Department

1- Setting academic programs in chemistry fields coping with the societal requirements.
2- Preparing staffs specialized for the scientific labs, health, and environment, as well as the different industrial fields of chemical and biological materials standardization.
3- Holding seminars, conferences, and training courses in chemistry especially in scientific researching and practical level promotion.

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Aims of the Department

Throughout this period and with the faculty members, the department made achievements the university takes pride of. In brief, these achievements are the following:
1- Graduating chemists competent at work in all the specialized labs of branches of chemistry with high performance through the advanced department programs using modern technology.
2- Supporting the graduate students and faculty members in conducting research and studies, most prominently, the applied ones, in addition to developing the academic process.
3- Providing the academic and scientific frameworks that are necessary to cover the societal needs for working power.
4- Training and retraining the staff, chemistry lab technicians, and quantitative and qualitative analytic methods.
5- Imparting the values and ideals to the students to prepare powerful generations.
6- Strengthening the bonds with the academic, scientific, and technological centers Iraqwide and worldwide.

Work Opportunities for the Graduates

Our BSc degree that the department awards entitles the graduates to work at medical labs of clinical chemistry and standardization and quality control labs in factories of relation. The Chemistry Department graduates can work as instructors or assistant chemists at the Education and Sciences faculties as well as the medical schools.


Head of the Department: Asst. Prof. Dr.Kareem J. Sabah
Department Coordinator (morning) Mr. Jawad K. Jawad
Department Coordinator (evening): Dr . Mohammad Seghir

Secretary: S. Ch. Hussein A. Ali

Academic program Specification

Academic program Specification -MSc 

Academic program Specification -phD

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