The Department of Ecology was established in 2008. The first class graduated in 2011-2012. The department has a number of PhD and MSc faculty members in varied specializations related to Ecology Science. The department awards the BSc degree in Ecology after completing the four academic years. The department is endeavoring to open the master degree in Ecology. It has several laboratories equipped with the most updated devices from international makes. Significant labs are:

Advanced Ecology Lab
Environment and Pollution Lab
Chemistry Lab
Biology Lab


The Department Head’s Word

The Department of Ecology was initiated in 2008 with the Dean Office efforts and UoKufa President Office due to the public requirements of the general status of the environment of human society. So the department looks forward to preparing specialized crew in the environmental field that our country needs in addition to spreading the environmental culture and necessary treatments to create a sound environmental staus.
The department offers comprehensive and specialized programs in Ecology that are adopted by global universities. The education system adopted by the department is semesters that the syllabuses are studied throughout four stages, two semesters in each stage. The semester lasts for 15 weeks.

Vision of the Department

Spreading the culture of environment to create a sound environmental status is one of the most significant aims of the department of Ecology. Another aim is studying the Ecology Science and its applications in the society in the practical and theoretical side. Focusing on the environment balance and improving the awareness which requires contribution of all the bodies from their positions and responsibilities. There are general environmental problems in Iraq and special ones in Najaf, so we have to support the projects of treating and preventing the environment pollution.

Message of the Department

1- Preparing scientific staff on a high level of the theoretical and practical awareness of the articles of Ecology
2- Taking part in activating the awareness of environment.

Department Activities

1- The department holds specialized scientific seminars on ecology and pollution attended by lecturers from different Iraqi universities.
2- Holding photo galleries simulating the environment status of Najaf.
3- Publishing scientific specialized studies in accredited Iraqi and International journals.
4- Holding scientific field trip for the students within the syllabus.
5- Participating in the volunteering work in the popular initiatives like the one launched by the Iraqi Media Net, “Plant a Tree.”

Work Opportunities for the Graduates

The work opportunities for our students are available in most ministries and institutions like the Ministry of Environment and its directorates in all the governorates. Moreover, there are other ministries that opened wards specialized in environment. Furthermore, our graduates can work in different factories and projects in the public and private sectors. As well, our students can open their own environment counseling offices.


Head of the Department: Dr. Hazim A. Naji
Coordinator: Dr. Raad Harmosh
Secretary: Ms. Asmaa Al-Khazali

Academic program Specification

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