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Effect of Smoking on Ratio of K, Na, Ca, P & CL of Baghdad City Smokers

Nahlah F. Makki
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Kufa, Iraq.
In this present paper ,the effect of cigarette smoking for several years ranging from 5 to 30 years on the
levels of K,NA, CA,P and CL in blood of smokers were performed by C 4000 Auto analyzer .Two
hundred of samples were included in this study , hundred specimen as a control group (non-smoking
),mean age 37 years and other hundred as smokers group mean age 38 years . The results elucidated
that the ratio of Ca, P and CL were not affected by smoking while sodium ions decrease in the serum of
smokers compared to non-smokers and found that potassium ions are increasing at normal rates, it was
also not found relationship between the period of smoking and the concentration of elements. Therefore,
you must avoid smoking, causing a change in the normal rates of essential elements of the body sodium
and potassium and thus change in the work of hormones related to those elements Such as the hormone
aldosterone, which leads to the occurrence of various diseases such as kidneys and stomach.
Keywords: Cigarette, smoking, sodium, potassium.

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