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Al-Kufa Journal for ِBiology

A quarterly magazine published by the Court of the University of Kufa specializes in life sciences got the international number (PrintISSN: 2073-8854 & Online ISSN: 2311-6544) was released, including 7 volumes with a 15 issue in both Arabic and English magazine and three sites on the Internet are:
Editorial board
Professor Dr. Mahdi Husain Al-Ammar
science of collige/kufa uneversity
[email protected]
EditorsProfessor Dr. Ayad F. Alkaim
[email protected]; [email protected]
Assistant Professor Dr. Basaab Abd Zaid
Editorial Director
[email protected]
Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Salih Al-Shafieey
Deputy Editor
[email protected]
Assistant Professor Dr. Fadyia Mahdi Muslim AL-ameedy
[email protected] ; [email protected]
Professor Dr. Mohammad Hamid
[email protected] , [email protected]
To access the Kufa Journal of Biology click here

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