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The natural gift

Dr. jinan M. AL-Zahid
University of kufa /faculty of science
Cancer  is a diseases which results from  uncontrolled cell growth and spread to other healthy tissue by the invasion of the blood vessels and extends pseudopoda like structures and take the glucose and nutrient from it . If the spread of this cell  is not stopped and treated , it can result in death.. There are many ways for treating cancer include (chemotherapy . radiation ,immunological , surgery  etc . ) but all these methods have a side effects like killing the healthy cells by radiation or chemical agents for treatment or it will not be useful if the tumor was in the last stage of growth .
But our God gave us a gift , which has the same effect on the tumor cells with  a less side effects on the healthy cells and less cost. This natural material stored in some plant like Artemisia  herba alba which is one of many medicinal plants in our whorld which has many medicinal materials that improve its activity in treatment many types of cancer either as alcoholic or aqueous extracted  by many researchers.
Other important material extracted from the same plant is the artemisinine after purification it by different methods in our labs in faculty of science  then testing  its effects on two types of cancer include colon cancer and breast cancer ,with the most amazing result shows its effect on these cancer cells without damaging the normal cells aremisinine effect on the cancer cells by its important endoperoxidase system which damage the tumor cell without effect on the other cells .and this result compaired  with  the doxorubicin chemotherapy

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