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Danger bill of some drugs

Assist .prof. Dr. jinan al-zahid
University of kufa /  faculity of science
   Drugs are the theraputic methods for many diseases and their use is increasing without attention to their side effects from the dose and period of use.  From  a thesis under my supervision which investigated on the effect of  pregabalin drug which  being used as  an anti-seizure anti-epilepsy and for peripheral nerve pain for arthritis patient , for( 2-6) months with doses (50,75,150)mg/kg  the results of the study shows that there was histological changes in the vital organs which include (liver ,kidney and  heart ) which causes necrosis ,sinus dilation and vessels congestion in liver and degeneration of glomerulus of kidney with hypertrophy of cardiac muscle and dysfunction .  this study was on the albino female rat in the university of  kufa

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