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A faculty member at the faculty of Science participates in international electronic workshops on ways to write scientific research in discreet journals

Dr. Ali Adel Majeed a lecture at the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Kufa has participated in a number of  electronic workshops which  were held by the international publishing house Elsevier on ways of writing scientific research in discreet journals. The workshops included several axes, including explaining the …

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A professor at the faculty of Science chairs a committee to discuss a doctoral thesis at Anbar University via the Internet

In light of the exceptional circumstances resulting from the Corona virus epidemic, and pursuant to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to activate electronic programs and methods, Prof. Hussein Kazem Abdel-Hussein Al-Tudisi at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kufa chaired the discussion …

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Design and Study of Electronic Structural and Corrosion Inhibitory Action of New π-Conjugated Materials for Medical and Solar Cells Applications

Faeq A. AL-Temimei1, Azhar S. Alaboodi1 1University of Kufa-College of Sciences- Department of Physics, Iraq Abstract In this paper design five novel materials conjugated compound based on thiadiazolothienopyazine with low band gaps by utilizing density function theory (DFT). Diverse electron terminal groups were presented to check and report their impact …

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The faculty of Science holds a symposium on the epidemiology of coronavirus infection and its laboratory diagnosis

The Faculty of Sciences at the University of Kufa held a scientific symposium on the epidemiology of infection with the infection of Corona virus and laboratory diagnosis in the presence of Professor Yasser Lafta Hassoun, President of the University of Kufa and a group of professors, specialists and students.The symposium …

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