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Estimated the concentration of 238U, 232Th and 40K in flour samples of Iraq markets

Shaymaa Awad Kadhim(1) , Shatha F.Alhous(2),Ahmed shaker Hussein (3) ,Hayder H. Hussein(4), Azhar S.Alaboodi(5) (1,4,5)Department of Physics /Faculty of Science/ University of Kufa/Iraq Department of Physics /Faculty of education for girls / University of Kufa/ Najaf/Iraq(2) Department of basic science-college of dentistry-university of Babylon –Iraq(3) *1Email: [email protected] *2Email: [email protected] *3Email:[email protected]

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DFT Study of New Donor-π-Acceptor Materials Based on Thieno[2,3-b] Indole Candidate for Organic Solar Cells Application

Faeq A. AL-Temimei1,a* , Lubna A. Alasadi2,b, Azhar S. Alaboodi3  1,2,3University of Kufa- collage of Sciences- Department of Physics a [email protected], b [email protected] Keywords: Donor-π-Acceptor, Organic dyes, DFT, HOMO, LUMO, Optoelectronic properties. Abstract. In the current search, we have reported the theoretical analysis by utilizing DFT (TD- DFT)-B3LYP at 6-31G …

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