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Faculty of Sciences

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Evening Study

Freshmen - Evening Study

Day 8:30-10:30 10:30-12:30 12:30-2:30 2:30-4:30 4:30-6:30 6:30-8:30
Sat Physics prac C
Computers prac A
Chemistry prac B
Computers prac B
Zoology prac A
Computers prac C
Chemistry prac A
Physics prac B
Computers prac D
Physics prac A
Physics prac
Computers prac E
Zoology prac B
3-1 5-3 7-5 9-7 11-9
Sun English A
Statistics B
English B
Statistics A
Human Rights A
Statistics C
Physics prac E
Human Rights C
Physics prac F ----
Mon Zoology A
Chemistry B
Zoology B
Chemistry A
Chemistry E
Human Rights B
Human Rights D
Chemistry prac F
Physics G
Physics prac
Tue Computers B
Biophysics A
Computers A
Biophysics B
Chemistry prac C
Zoology prac C
Computers C
Chemistry prac D
Computers F
Computers prac G ----

Second - Evening Study

Day 8:30-10:30 10:30-12:30 12:30-2:30 2:30-4:30 4:30-6:30 6:30-8:30
set Biochemistry p B
Plant Collections p A
Biochemistry p A
Plant Collections B
Invertebrates p B
Plant Collections A
Entomology p C
Computers p A
Biochemistry p B
Invertebrates p
Invertebrates p A
Plant Collections p B
Entomology p B
Microbiology A
Computers p C
---- 3-1 5-3 7-5 9-7 11-9
Sun Computers
Anatomy p C
Plant Collections p D
Biochemistry B
Computers A
Plant Collections E
Plant Anatomy p B
Plant Collections p C
Microbiology p C Biochemistry p W
Microbiology p D Biochemistry p Z ----
Mon Invertebrates B Entomology A Anatomy p D Microbiology C Invertebrates A Entomology B Microbiology D Plant Anatomy p A Microbiology p E Computers p D Invertebrates p Biochemistry p E Computers p E Computers p F Invertebrates p D Biochemistry p ----
Tue Biochemistry B Plant Anatomy A Anatomy p E Biochemistry A Plant Anatomy B
Anatomy p W
Plant Collections p F
Invertebrates p E Biochemistry p F Invertebrates p F Biochemistry p G Biochemistry p K Computers p G ----

Third - Evening Study

Day 8:30-10:30 10:30-12:30 12:30-2:30 2:30-4:30 4:30-6:30 6:30-8:30
set Toxicology p D
Microbial Physiology p A
Environment & Pollution p B
Cell & Genetics p
Microbial Physiology p B
Environment & Pollution p A
Microbial Physiology A
Cell and Genetics p B
Toxicology p E
Cell and Genetics p A
Microbial Physiology B
Cell and Genetics C ----
---- 3-1 5-3 7-5 9-7 11-9
Sun Histology p A
Toxicology p B
Toxicology p A
Histology p B
Microbial Physiology p C
Toxicology p
Histology p E
Toxicology p F
---- ----
Mon Cytology A Histology B Cytology B Histology A Microbial Physiology p D Cell and Genetics C Cell and Genetics C ---- ----
Tue Environment & Pollution B
Toxicology A
Histology C
Environment & Pollution A
Toxicology B
Histology D
Histology p C
Cell & Genetics p D
Histology p D
Cell & Genetics E
Cell and Genetics p F ----

Fourth - Evening Study

Day 8:30-10:30 10:30-12:30 12:30-2:30 2:30-4:30 4:30-6:30 6:30-8:30
set Mycology B Biotechnology A Biotechnology B Mycology A Nutrition p A Biotechnology p B Endocrinology p C Biotechnology p A Mycology p A Endocrinology p B Mycology p B Endocrinology p A
---- 3-1 5-3 7-5 9-7 11-9
Sun Molecular Biology p A
Chordata p W
Nutrition p B
Molecular Biology p B
Chordata p A
Nutrition p C
Molecular Biology B
Philosophy & Logic A
Chordata p C
Biotechnology p C
Molecular Biology p W
Philosophy & Logic B
Molecular Biology D
Mon Nutrition and Industrial A
Nutrition p D
Chordata A
Nutrition and Industrial B
Nutrition p E
Molecular Biology A
Medical Bacteria p B
Nutrition p F
Chordata C
Medical Bacteria p C
Chordata D ----
Tue Endocrinology A
Medical Bacteria B
Endocrinology p D
Medical Bacteria
Endocrinology B
Endocrinology p E
Medical Bacteria p A
Endocrinology p F
Endocrinology C
Medical Bacteria p D
Endocrinology D ----

Faculty of Science

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