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Faculty of Sciences

           U N I V E R S I T Y   OF   K U F A


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Contact Information

Address Email Position Name
The Deanery
The Dean
Prof. Dr. Merza Hamza Humaidy Al-Murshedi
The Deanery
Dean Assistant for Scientific Affairs
Prof. Asst. Dr. Adnan Faleh Hassan
The Deanery
Dean Assistant for Administration Affairs
Prof.Asst. Dr.Sadiq.L.ALzurfi
The Deanery
Haider Najim
The Biology Department Building
Chairman of Biology
Prof. Asst. Dr. Arshad Noree Al-Dejaili
The Deanery
Chairman of Analytical Diseases 
Asst. Dr. Saif.J.Yasir
The Deanery
Chairman of Ecology
Asst. Dr. Qassim AlAssdee
The Chemistry Department Building
Chairman of Chemistry
Prof. Asst. Hussain Jassim
The Physics Department Building
Chairman of Physics
Asst.Dr. Mahdia Ahmed Yosor Takhtakh AlFartosi
The Deanery
Councilor of Faculty
Asst. Arif Salih Baroon Ameer Al-Jobori
The Deanery
Dean Office
Naaema Hadi Ali
The Deanery
IT Division
Raed Abdulhasan
The Deanery
Quality Division
Hakeen Jabar
The Deanery
Library Division
Asaad M.Abbood
The Deanery
Sinan Q.Khayon
The Deanery
Journal of Biology
Waleed Laftah
The Physics Department Building
Journal of Physics
Prof.Asst Adil.H.Omran
The Physics Department Building
Astronomical Observatory
Mohammed Albermany
The Deanery
Development and Research Division
Asst.Ezzat Hasson
The Deanery
Registrar Office
Yousif Aldhaidhawy
The Deanery
Accountant Office
Ahmed Ekwair
The Deanery
Continuing Education
Asst.Lect.Hani Hassan
The Deanery
Scholarship and Cultural Affairs
Asst.Lect.Qasim F.Musa

Faculty of Science

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