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Dean’s word

It’s my pleasure to welcome all of you to the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Kufa, and I hope that you would find what you are looking for. In 1993, the Faculty of Sciences was established as one of the pioneering faculties at the University of Kufa.It currently represents a vital, active, and diverse community, and considered as a pioneering center for the scientific generations, to spread and practice knowledge of natural sciences and technology.Hence, the faculty offers specialized programs to meet the national needs and provides the students with the epistemic requirements and necessary training to join the practical life or postgraduate studies. The faculty works persistently on improving and updating its programs to cope with the changing needs of the society. The Faculty of Sciences has six academic departments: Department of Biology Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, Department of Laboratory Investigations, Department of Ecology, and Department of Geology. The duration of study at the faculty is four years after which the graduates are awarded bachelor degree in the basic sciences for the morning studies, and in biology, chemistry, and physics for the evening studies. The master degree is awarded in biology, chemistry and physics, and the doctoral degree in biology and Chemistry. The Faculty of Sciences is looking forward to preparing qualified graduates in the basic sciences to work in the private and public sectors, and heed in the basic and applied research that adds to the scientific advancement and improves using natural resources, and leads to increasing the national production. Thus, the faculty is working on finding close bonds with the industrial, local, and regional sectors as well as the community service institutions and environment protection associations to elevate the social and economical level of citizens. The faculty holds on to high academic levels, innovation, ethical values, and even opportunities for all students and faculty. We are proud of the graduate and undergraduate students who started their career life after graduating from the Faculty of Sciences and who are now holding high positions in the society, and last but not least: I wish you all the best in studying, researching, and innovation.

Dr. Mohammed Hussein
The Dean