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The Department in a Glance

The Department of Geology teaches the evolution and development of the earth, its structure, and surface. It also teaches the geological constituents of earth, its rocks, minerals, their locations, affecting factors. The reasons and results of the crust movement, earthquakes, and volcano perimeters are discussed. The department also takes into consideration the chemical and physical properties of earth and its gravitational, magnetic, electrical, thermo, and radioactive scopes and its applications in exploring. The department studies as well, the applications of other sciences beside the ecological geology, planet geology, and remote sensing.

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Head of the Department's Word

The Department of Geology has always endeavored to work in the steps of Quality Assurance guidelines that the University of Kufa is following. The department is looking forward to providing the most recent equipment within the capacity of the university. It also tries to follow the modern scientific methods, illustrative devices of teaching, and e-library in the department to promote the scientific standards. The department has been reinforcing the theoretical and scientific knowledge of students in the field work by holding field trips related to geology according to the scientific plan of the department. Despite the short time of its establishment in 2012, the department has accomplished many researching and scientific accomplishments. As well, the department members have offered a lot of counseling services to the society. The department always works on establishing scientific relations with accredited universities in the world.

The Department Vision

Establishing a scientific department that educates with the modern geological methodologies both theoretically and practically, enhanced with field work. These tasks are carried out by the specialized staff in the department.

The Department Message

1-1- Preparing programs that impart knowledge and researching skills to the students.
2- Offering consultations to the private and public sectors in regard with ecology as a part of the societal services.
3- Working on supporting the scientific geological culture and educating the society with its potentials and holding seminars and workshops in that regard.

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The Department Aims

1- Preparing graduates versed in geology and its applications on the graduate and undergraduate level to contribute to covering the society needs for that science.
2- Developing the scientific research in geology for teachers and students.
3- Strengthening the scientific relations with the universities and associations and scientific centers in and outside Iraq.
4- Following up with the scientific updates in the world.

Working Opportunities for the Graduates

1- Geological Survey
2- Ministry of Oil Offices
3- Exploring Offices
4- Minerals and Oil Mining
5- Ministry of Water Resources
6- Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
7- Oil Companies
8- Engineering Companies
9- Quarries


Head of the Department: Asst.Prof.Dr. A.Kadhim J. Alabidi
Coordinator: Asst.Prof.Dr.Hussein Alshimmery
Secretary: Ms.HAnan Kadhim

Year: 1
First Semester Second Semester
Credits Subject Credits Subject
2.5 Physical Geology 2.5 General & Historical Geology
2.5 Crestoography 2.5 Mineralogy
2.5 Physics 1 2.5 Physics 2
2.5 Chemistry 1 2.5 Chemistry 2
2 Mathematics 1 2 Mathematics 2
2.5 Principle of Computer 1 2.5 Principle of Computer 2
2 Arabic Language 2 English Language
2 Democracy 2 Human Rights
18.5 Total number of credits 18.5 Total number of credits
Year: 2
First Semester Second Semester
Credits Subject Credits Subject
2.5 Optical Mineralogy 2.5 Petrology
2.5 Paleontology 2.5 Micro Paleontology
2.5 Sedimentology 2.5 Sedimentary Rocks
2.5 Geomorphology 2.5 Desertification
2.5 Igneous Rocks 2.5 Metamorphic Rocks
2.5 Computer Application in Earth Science 1 2.5 Computer Application in Earth science 2
2 Mathematics 3 2 Statistical
17 Total number of credits 17 Total number of credits

Year: 3
First Semester Second Semester
Credits Subject Credits Subject
2.5 Structural Geology 1 2.5 Structural Geology
2.5 Geotectonic 2.5 Field Geology
2.5 Gphysics Seismic & Electrical Methods 2.5 Gphysics Seismic & Electrical Methods
2.5 Geochemistry1 2.5 Geochemistry2
2.5 Stratigraphy 2.5 Geological of Iraq
2.5 Remote Sensing 2.5 Geographic Information System
- Summer Field Geology Course 6 Summer Field Geology Course
15 Total Credits 21 Total Credits
Year: 4
First Semester Second Semester
Credits Subject Credits Subject
2.5 Hydrogeology1 2.5 Hydrogeology 2
2.5 Engineering Geology 2.5 Mining Engineering & geology
2.5 Petroleum Geology 2.5 Underground Exploration
2.5 Ore Geology 2.5 Industrial Rocks Geology
2.5 Environmental Geology 2.5 Environmental Pollution
- Research Project 4 Research Project
12.5 Total Credits 16.5 Total Credits

Academic Program

Academic Program

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