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Faculty of Sciences

           U N I V E R S I T Y   OF   K U F A


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Aims - Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Sciences aims at creating faithful and aware students who believe in the national civilization and it pioneering and historical role in establishing the scientific and humanitarian civilization and its evolution. The road map of reaching the Faculty aims is summarized as:

  1. Establish faith and awareness for all graduates to grasp the cultural message of the nation and its pioneering and historical role in building the scientific and humanitarian civilization and preparing them with the theoretic and scientific basics of sciences and their applications in life besides acquiring scientific experience and knowing the latest techniques.
  2. Elevate the scientific and educational comprehension for all graduates and provide them with skills.
  3. Build good scientific personalities for the graduates to take their role in building the Iraqi man, armed with knowledge, science, theories and their applications through the capabilities of self education principle.

Faculty of Science

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