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IT Section

The staff of the IT Section consists of

Asst. Lect. Raed Albanon

M.A. English/ Director of IT Section



Website | Contact

Mohammed Khudhair Almansoori

Telecommunication Engineer

Network and Website

Contact | CV

Rosol Mohammed Alkhafaji

Computer Science

Humam Adnan Jarullah

Computer Technology Engineer

Network and Hardware



Reham Adnan Albaidhani

Computer Technology Engineer

Website and Software


Lana Ashti Arif

Computer Technology Engineer

Website and Software


The IT Section is a technical Section that takes responsibility of performing multiple tasks related to the faculty website, software repairing and database entries. The units of IT Section according to the tasks assumed are:

ONE: The Website Unit

It takes responsibility of the following tasks:

TOW: Internet Unit

takes over the following responsibilities:

THREE: Internet Hall and e-Library

It takes manages the following tasks:

FOUR: Maintenance Unit

Its tasks are:

FIVE: Training and Improvement Unit

It assumes the following tasks:

SIX: IC3 Unit

It is responsible of:

SEVEN: Signing in and Out Thumbprint Unit

It looks after the following tasks:

Following are the most significant achievements of the IT Section:

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