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Faculty of Sciences

           U N I V E R S I T Y   OF   K U F A


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The Message

       The Faculty message takes after preparing scientific and practical students through a scientific program which focuses on the student's needy for education and educational instruments, and work to comply with one of most important goals that this faculty established for which is preparing student to be academically and scientifically qualified in a harmonious way with development requirements in sciences especially the basic one which represent the foundation to the other sciences which depend on the universal scientific and knowledge development through three points:-

  1. The educational process
  2. It consists providing students with an educational environment and reinforce them by knowledge and science to develop their abilities and mind and give them responsibilities in society especially in practical and scientific ways.

  3. Scientific research
  4. Students' and teachers' contribution is required to do a practical researches to solve problems and publish a knowledge to participate in local society development.

  5. Society serving
  6. Through strengthen the relations with many institutes and state offices to get benefit from their proficiencies to do the practical and basic researches and to hold seminars and scientific lectures in and out of faculty especially the medical, industrial, agricultural and educational institutes.

Faculty of Science

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