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The Quality Assurance and Academic Performance Section

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       The Faculty of Sciences of Kufa University aims at reaching the global academic accreditation through considering the international standards of quality assurance and academic performance. These goals are to be reached by communicating the world organizations of academic performance to get familiar with the latest that the world witnessing in this regard. The University of Kufa became in parallel with the world's universities in the field of quality assurance and academic performance following to obtaining the first rank among the Iraqi universities. To contribute to this significant academic status and keep the high ranked status, the Faculty of Sciences is looking forward to obtaining the international academic accreditation from one of the organization working in this regard.

       The quality assurance and academic performance section is one of the administrative sections in the Faculty of Science and is linked directly to the dean of the faculty. The section aims at spreading the quality culture and pursuing the goals of the Faculty of Science in assuring the quality and academic performance through the Faculty vision, its messages and goals, the fact that increases its graduates and applying the quality standards and criteria in the Higher Education and Scientific research and serving the society. Assuring quality is nowadays one of the main issues in education worldwide. The leaders at the Higher Education field have always looked forward to exert extra efforts improve the purposeful educational programs that aims at improving the educational outputs and quality of graduates to meet the needs of career fields.

       The Faculty of Science is one of the most important facilities in the society for it high numbers of graduates it prepares with different scientific specializations (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Lab Investigations, Ecology, and Geology).

The Quality Assurance and Academic Performance Section holds the following responsibilities:

  1. Quality Assurance Unit: It is responsible of assuring the quality of the academic outputs in the scientific and administrative departments and units the quality that assures applying and following the continuous improvement principle in the educational process in the faculty.
  2. The Academic Performance Unit: It assumes following up with the academic performance through the monthly reports that are sent by this unit to the Department of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance in the University of Kufa Headquarters. Afterwards, these reports are assessed and feedback is given in case there is a gap or a modification needed in one of the steps in the academic outputs.
  3. The Training and Technical Support Unit: It is responsible of looking at the successful experiments that proved successful in another country in the field of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance by holding cyclic training courses for the faculty staff to establish the culture of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance.

To improve quality, the Faculty of Science concentrates on a group of principles. These principles are:

  1. A full understanding and commitment and team work spirit from the higher administration to make quality as the prior concern.
  2. Persistence of working to improve the processes that leads to improving quality.
  3. Coordination and cooperation among the administrations and departments of the faculty and insisting on utilizing the competent individuals and sharing views.
  4. Getting the faculty, staff, and students to participate in improving the quality by cooperating with them to use comprehensive programs of quality.
  5. Outstretching and supporting the quality culture that aims at the persistent improvement and establishing professional relations among the individuals and the necessity of distinguishing the individual and group efforts.
  6. Directing the quality to meeting the needs of students-staff-faculty to make the outputs in harmony with the quality standards.
  7. Applying the quality plan made by the Quality Assurance and Academic Performance department at the University of Kufa.
  8. Performing a faculty self-assessment in each semester.
  9. Performing a comprehensive assessment for the faculty by students and for the heads of the departments by the faculty.
  10. Sending a monthly faculty syllabus report to Quality Assurance and Academic Performance at the University of Kufa.
  11. Sending a monthly report that includes the courses and workshops held at the Faculty of Science.
  12. Reviewing the Faculty vision, message, and aims and comparing them with the faculty outputs.
  13. Contacting the international accreditation organizations to compare the faculty syllabus items with the accredited universities.
  14. Emphasizing the quality of the scientific part and setting the suitable plans to assure the quality of the scientific program.

The Section Tasks:

  1. Outstretching the concept of quality and spreading its culture in the faculty.
  2. Assuming the process of applying the quality program in the faculty.
  3. Evaluating the performance in the faculty.
  4. Assuming the assessment and academic accreditation and performance in the faculty.
  5. Preparing and executing the strategic and developmental in the faculty.
  6. Pursuing the execution of technical and electronic programs (the faculty website, e-learning, etc.
  7. Identifying any challenges or problems facing the quality and development programs and suggesting solutions for them.
  8. Pursuing the awarding program for the distinguished performance of faculty, researchers, or staff.
  9. Encouraging the faculty to attend courses, trainings, and workshops.

  • Staff:
  • Director:Lect.Muhaiman M. Majeed

    Academic Performance Chief: Asst. Lect. Allawi H. Farhan

    Mr. Hamza Jasim Mohammad

    Ms. Asmaa Abdulrasoul Jaafar

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