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Graduate Studies Affairs Unit

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In 1998, the graduate studies for the master degree were initiated first in the Department of Biology. They were closed in 2004, and reopened in 2006.The doctoral studies were started in 2005 for the fields of Plants, Zoology and Microbiology. As for the Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics, they started the graduate studies (master degree) in 2008. The Faculty of Science is looking forward to opening graduate studies in all its scientific departments.

Terms of Admission:

The admission mechanism followed by the Faculty of Sciences for the graduate studies are represented by the rules proposed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research certified by the Minister himself. On the other hand, there are particular rules related to the Faculty of Sciences and the University of Kufa:

It is necessary to be particularly familiar with the rules and terms defined by the Opinion Assembly of the Research and Development Office in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research certified by the Minister at 2012/2013.

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The Faculty of Sciences offers:

  • MSc. in:
  • 1-Biology
    2- Chemistry

  • PhD. in::
  • 1-Biology
    2- Chemistry

The forms of applications are:

  • Form of Political Imprisoners
  • Form of Political Imprisoners
  • Forms of Creative Students
  • Form of Political Imprisoners
  • Forms of Martyrs Family Members
  • Interview Forms
  • Student's Data
  • Pledge
  • CV
  • Attachment
  • The Four Documents
  • Personal Photos (4)
  • Transcripts

Two copies of these documents, signed at blue ink by the applicant are to be delivered to the Graduate Studies Section in the Faculty of Science.

Graduares Affaires email address: [email protected]. For further information and details, please contact us


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