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Scholarships and Cultural Relations

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Asst.Lect.Qasim Fadhil Mossa
Mr. Ali Fadel Al-Khalidi


This section includes all the MOHESR scholarships, international scholarships, and grants offered by other countries like the Fulbright Scholarship.

Cultural Relations

All the activities conducted by teachers of the Faculty of Science abroad like:
Delegations:The delegations whereby teachers or staff are sent abroad for evaluation, purchasing books or exchanging expertise.
1-Conferences:These are represented by participations of the faculty's professors in research conferences outside the country.
2-Scientific Release:This includes abroad researching of the faculty's professors.
3-Abroad Courses:This section assumes sending the professors to scientific courses abroad to enhance the scientific course of the faculty's professors or staff.
4-Workshops:It is responsible of sending the teachers to abroad workshops to conduct their research activities.
5-International Academic Relations:This includes contacting international universities to sign contracts and agreements between the University of Kufa and these universities via going through special websites to get familiar with some scientific and cultural programs of these universities. This branch of the Cultural Relations Section is considered with coordinating with international universities to get scholarships, grants, conferences, workshops, and seminars. Some of these universities are:

   -University of East Carolina
   -University of Minnesota
   -University of Wayne
   -University of Kentucky


The Cultural Relations Section conducts activities like processing the administrative decrees and forms of the study-abroad-students and tracking their course from taking leave till their graduation. Committee required administrative decrees in the faculty to activate the agreements between the University of Kufa and other universities. This committee consists of:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Adnan Falih Hassan (Chairman)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Haider Hamza Hussein
Lect. Dr. Rand Muahammad Abdulhussein
Lect. Dr. Muhsin Abbood Muhsin
Lect. Muhammad Muhammad Emad Mansoor
Asst. Eng. Muhammad Khudhair Almansory

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