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Estimated the concentration of 238U, 232Th and 40K in flour samples of Iraq markets

Shaymaa Awad Kadhim(1) , Shatha F.Alhous(2),Ahmed shaker Hussein (3) ,Hayder H. Hussein(4), Azhar S.Alaboodi(5)

(1,4,5)Department of Physics /Faculty of Science/ University of Kufa/Iraq
Department of Physics /Faculty of education for girls / University of Kufa/ Najaf/Iraq(2)
Department of basic science-college of dentistry-university of Babylon –Iraq(3)

*1Email: shaymaa.alshebly@uokufa.edu.iq
*2Email: shathaf.alfatlawi@uokufa.edu.iq

Abstract . Flour is a nutritious type of food that is widely consumed by various age groups in
Iraq. This study investigates the presence of long-lived gamma emitters in dif f erent type of
flour in Iraqi market. Uranium (238U), Thorium (232Th) and Potassium (40K) specific activity in
) were estimated in (15) unique kinds of flours that are accessible in I ra qi m arkets.
The gamma spectrometry method with a NaI(Tl) detector has been utilized f or ra diometric
measurements. Likewise right now have determined the internal hazard index.It is found that
the specific activity in Flour samples were varied from (13.73±1.89) Bq.kg-1

to (2.60±0.30)

Bq.kg-1 with an average (8.75) Bq.kg-1

for 238U, For 232Th From (67.79±0.44) Bq.kg-1

(9.96±0.14) Bq.kg-1 with an average (21.88)Bq.kg-1

and for 40K from (2680.74 ± 23.60) Bq.kg-

to (283.70±3.41) Bq.kg-1 with an average (133.09) Bq.kg-1

. Also, it is found that the Outdoor
and indoor annual effective absorbed dose equivalent also (Hin) hazard indices was
(0.302±0.014) and average annual committed effective dose(0.2205±0.030) mSv.y- 1
in the
flour samples.This study prove that the natural radioactivity and radiation danger records
were low also estimated cancer risk has no significant health hazard in Iraqi Flour.

Keywords: Hazard indices, Gamma spectrometry, Flour, Iraq.


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