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How the human body uses energy

Muhammad Hamid Hussain,  January 19, 2021

Preparing a local vaccine for viruses that infect the respiratory system is important for all age groups, and the goal is to control infection and prevent its spread, noting that many viruses that affect the upper and lower respiratory system are more than about 200 viruses for humans, especially in winter and early spring, and the reason for choosing this title is for the following reasons:

1- Samples from all age groups are isolated from Iraq.

2- The local vaccine is more efficient than the imported because the isolates were isolated from Iraq and cost less than the importer.

3- There is no vaccine prepared for all viruses that infect the upper and lower respiratory tract.

4- The viruses that infect the respiratory system are either seasonal or epidemic, as viral infections are not treated with antibiotics only through the vaccine that prevents the occurrence of infection and is given before the start of winter for the purpose of controlling and preventing the occurrence of infection.

5- Viral infections are widespread in all countries and all countries have research and specialized centers for the purpose of preparing vaccines, while in Iraq there is no knowledge. Local vaccines for the seasonal influenza virus for humans and bird flu for humans have been prepared by us and are officially registered in the Center for Standardization and Quality Control in the Ministry of Planning and the patent number for seasonal influenza is 4903 on 4/13-2017 and the second patent number is 4904 on 4/13-2017.


Abstract: Preparing the local vaccine for the respiratory system viruses is important for the rapid spread of infection, as happened now in the emerging corona virus and the speed of its spread in the world, so why a specialized vaccination center is not established and vaccines are prepared locally in Iraq and include all viruses that have no treatment.





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