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Psychophysical measurement

This measurement requires an observer to give a subjective response in relation to a

physical stimulus’ influence on a test object being imaged. Test objects used in these

measurements are usually simple, such as line pair (used to determine the spatial

resolution), and discs made with holes of different contrasts and diameters, used to

identify contrast details (C-d) diagrams (Zarb, Rainford, & McEntee, 2010). To obtain

results with high reliability using this approach, the variation between observers

should be considered, and an average of the findings from different readers should be

taken. Although observers are involved in these measurements, correlation between

the results obtained from clinical image quality and C-d analysis studies are not

highly impressive (Månsson, 2000). This therefore confirms the value of this

approach for system performance over its clinical value, required for medical


Dr.Hussien Abid Ali

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