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Influence of Adding Au NPs on the Optical Properties of Acridine Orange Dye

M. A. Abdul Mahdi and A. A. Muhmood*
University of Kufa, Faculty of science, Department of Physics, Iraq

In this paper, gold nanoparticles were prepared by chemical reduction method, and it was used to study its
effect on the optical properties of Acridine Orange dye. One concentration of Acridine Orange dye was
prepared by dissolving a quantity of the dye with nonionic water to obtain a concentration 1*10-6Ml. Three
different volumetric ratios of gold nanoparticles (5, 10, and 15) % were added to the dye solution. The
optical properties of the dye were studied before and after adding gold nanoparticles using a UV-VIS
spectrophotometer in the range (200 – 800) nm. The optical properties included absorption, transmittance
and reflectivity, as well as the calculation of optical parameters such as absorption coefficient and
refractive index, as well as extinction coefficient and optical conductivity. Through the work, it was found
that all optical properties were affected by the addition of gold nanoparticles, which led to an increase in
the value of the absorbance and refractive index with a shift in the absorption peak towards longer
wavelengths (red shift).
Key Words: Acridine Orange, Gold nanoparticles, Optical Properties, Refractive index, Absorption.

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