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PhD thesis on the effect of diclofenac on mothers and fetuses


A doctoral thesis in the Department of Biology at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kufa examined the effect of nutritional supplements on embryonic and maternal development in albino rats.

The thesis presented by Azhar Shia Younis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jenan Muhammad Abdel-Zahra aimed to study the effects of using diclofenac as a pain reliever in pregnant women and fetuses, and the importance of using vitamin C as an antioxidant for the purpose of reducing the damage caused by the drug.

The results of the thesis concluded that there are significant negative effects of diclofenac on the health of the pregnant woman, and negative histological changes in the fetus in terms of weight, liver, kidneys and bone.

The thesis recommended the need to tighten control over the use and dispensing of painkillers without prescriptions, the importance of using nutritional supplements during pregnancy, and commitment to eating healthy food in order to preserve the mother and fetus.

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