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Master’s thesis on diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

A master’s thesis in the Department of Laboratory Investigations at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kufa discussed the evaluation of FOXA1 expression as a therapeutic and prognostic parameter for patients with different molecular types of breast cancer.

The thesis, presented by Mohamed Abdelali Mohsen, under the supervision of Dr. Karar Selim Zayed, aimed to use the molecular method to know the gene expression of the FOXA1 gene in breast cancer patients, to evaluate its effectiveness in response to hormone therapy and the recurrence and survival of the disease.

The thesis included the use of immunohistochemical technique (IHC) to determine the protein expression of FOXA1 gene as a method to assess response to hormone therapy and disease recurrence and survival.

The thesis recommended adding FOXA1 protein expression as a molecular analysis for diagnosis and follow-up of breast cancer patients and their response to treatment.

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