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Doctoral thesis on early signs of severe infection with corona

A PhD thesis in the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kufa discussed the evaluation of immunological biomarkers and key elements to identify Iraqi patients at high risk in the early stage with COVID-19.

The thesis, presented by Abdel-Kazim Abdel, under the supervision of Prof. Hana Aday Ali, aimed to assess the levels of new inflammatory immune cytokines such as LL-37, TFF3, ICAM-1, IL-IR4, IL-27, IL32 as early markers of the severity of the Corona pandemic in the initial stages of infection before the situation worsens.

The results of the thesis showed an increase in the level of cathelicidin LL-37, TFF3, IL-IR4, IL-27, IL32 in Covid-19 patients, especially in severe and critical cases compared to healthy and moderate cases, and the results also proved that the cytokine LL-37 is the best variable in diagnosing the severity of disease Corona compared to the rest of the new variables studied.

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