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The Faculty of Science holds a symposium on biodiversity in Iraq


Under the slogan of nature belongs to all and must be preserved, the Department of Environment and Pollution held a scientific symposium on biodiversity in Iraq.

The symposium aims to highlight the importance of biodiversity and spread awareness of the importance of preserving living organisms.

The symposium topics included a lecture on biodiversity given by Ali Muhammad Ali, a lecture on the diversity of birds in Iraq given by Fatima Bassam Karim, and a lecture on the environmental impact of invasive fish in Iraq by Tabarak Muhammad Abdul Aziz.

The symposium recommended spreading environmental awareness by publishing environmental posters and advertisements, enacting strict laws to confront tampering with the environmental system, obliging public oil companies to filter environmental pollutants before releasing them into the environment, and the need to follow appropriate management of the water environment in the Shatt al-Arab to reduce environmental water pollution and protect it from Disposing of household and industrial waste and establishing sewage treatment plants before dumping them into Shatt Al-Arab waters.

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