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The Department of Physics holds a seminar on China’s artificial sun

The Physics Department held a seminar entitled China’s Artificial Sun (Release Huge Energy Through Nuclear Fusion(

The seminar included a lecture given by Dr. Duaa Falah Razzaq, in which she dealt with China’s development in 2021 of the nuclear reactor (HL-2M Tokamak), which is called the Industrial Sun. It took more than 14 years to build, and it can secure China’s energy needs while developing sustainable energy by simulating the fusion reaction. The nuclear energy that supplies the real sun with energy, as scientists hope to create unlimited clean energy free of toxic radioactive waste, which differs from the energy produced in nuclear reactors currently through nuclear fission that produces toxic radioactive waste.


The seminar mentioned that China spent about 840 million Euros on the project, and through the reactor it reached the longest time period for energy production, which is 403 seconds, if the plasma was kept in a state of (high confinement depends on high temperature and high density of particles).

This plasma is heated to a temperature of up to 150 degrees Celsius, that is, at temperatures six times higher than the center of the sun, which is heated by (neutral radiation injection and high-frequency electromagnetic induction). These gases turn into plasma and are controlled by magnetic confinement to generate the fusion reaction that Simulates the fusion reaction in stars and the Sun.

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