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The Faculty of Science holds a workshop on artificial intelligence applications


The Department of Biology held a workshop entitled Adopting Medical Biology Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

The workshop included a lecture by Prof. Dr. Hussein Abdel-Kazim, a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, in which he dealt with the definition of artificial intelligence and its types and applications in the biological and medical fields, microbiology, genetic and protein analysis, biological classification, and bioinformatics using the interactive artificial intelligence method, as well as in the field of teaching primary studies students and researchers on advanced image analysis and advanced biological data analysis for the development of teaching aids.

The workshop touched on the most important pros and cons of artificial intelligence, and what is the correct position of society, specialists and officials regarding the direction and management of artificial intelligence? How to adopt applications and curricula for generations, university academic levels, teaching staff and researchers? In order to ensure the benefits of artificial intelligence and avoid its negative effects, with mentioning the most important applications that were designed and presented in all fields of medical and educational biology.

It is noteworthy that the Faculty of Science intends to develop an artificial intelligence laboratory in the Department of Biology to develop the process of university education, scientific research, and biological and industrial applications.

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