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Recent Advances in Geology and Earth Sciences

Groundwater is one of the major and valuable sources of fresh water. It is
an important source for drinking, irrigation, and industrial water uses. At
present, most of the people in rural as well as urban region depends upon the
groundwater and their groundwater dependency is increasing day by day.
Bori-Chikli watershed is present in the western part of the Jalgaon district,
which is constant facing water scarcity with perennial water shortages. In
study area, a groundwater level goes to depleted continuously due to overdraft
of groundwater and uneven rainfall, which resulting the increasing pressure
on groundwater resources. Stage of groundwater development in the
watershed is more than 80 %, indicating need of cautious groundwater
development. Tapi alluvium, Deccan basalts of Sahyadri Group intruded by
dykes controlling groundwater occurrence and movement in the area. In
present study, potential of Remote Sensing and Geographic information
System (GIS) is used to generate, update, spatial display, analyze and
integrated geological, geomorphological, hydrogeological, geophysical
databases are integrated and modeled for suggesting artificial recharge site and
for groundwater development and management studies of the Bori-Chikli
watersheds of Jalgaon district, Maharashtra state.
Keywords: Groundwater potential, artificial recharge, Deccan basalt,
groundwater development and management.

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