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Master’s thesis on bioremediation of mycotoxins


The Department of Environment discussed a master’s thesis on the biodegradation of some mycotoxins using some plant extracts and fungal filtrates inside the cell, by researcher Hajar Saud Radhi, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Nihad Habib Mutlak.

The thesis aims to isolate and diagnose toxins secreted by some fungi from some foodstuffs, and to estimate the ability of thyme and Cyperus Rotundus extracts, and fungal filtrates in treating and breaking down mycotoxins inside the living cell.

The results of the thesis demonstarted the ability of fungal filtrates to achieve significant differences in the treatment of mycotoxins inside a living cell through testing blood and kidney function. Plant extracts of Cyperus Rotundus and thyme also achieved significant differences in the biodegradation of mycotoxins inside the cell.

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