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A study on early detection of breast cancer


The Department of Pathological Analysis discussed a master’s thesis on evaluating the effectiveness of some types of small RNA as a predictive and therapeutic biomarker in Iraqi patients with breast cancer, presented by MSc student Ghadeer Muhammad Hussein under the supervision of Dr. Ali Adel Majeed.

The thesis aims to evaluate the effectiveness of MIR-148a and MIR-155 as indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment for breast cancer patients, and as predictive markers for the incidence of infection in healthy people related to the first degree of affected patients (sister or mother).

The results of the study showed that there is a strong diagnostic relationship between MIR-148a and the degree of disease progression, with a strong relationship between Mir-155 with increasing age and the possibility of using Mir-155 as a differential indicator between types of breast cancer, and using these indicators to indicate the future incidence of breast cancer.

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