The Department of Biology was established in 1993 when the Faculty of Sciences was established. It awards the following degrees:
BSc (morning and evening studies) MSc , PhD
The first class graduated in the academic year 1997-1996. The graduating classes from the Biology Department are 17 up until 2014. The department receives yearly about 600 undergraduate students for the morning and evening studies and 50 students for the graduate studies. The department has many specialized modern labs from international manufacturers. Some of these labs are:

1- Zoology Lab/graduate studies
2- Botany Lab/ graduate studies
3- Microbiology Lab/ graduate studies
4- Environment and Pollution Lab
5- Animal Physiology Lab
6- Immunology Lab
7- Microbiology Lab
8- General Botany Lab
9- Entomology Lab
10- Parasitology and Invertebrates
11- Computers Lab
The department assumes the semester study system. Each class has theoretical and practical sides. The department has a plenty of efficient scientific teachers accredited and competent in Biology. These teachers have always participated in conducting many significant studies that obtained patents for being practical and meeting the societal needs. Some of these significant studies of the department are of international touch as they concluded novel results. We are looking forward to more of these scientific and educational accomplishments in God’s Will.

Vision of the Department

The department is endeavoring to be pioneering in biology from the academic and researching aspects and prepare scientific staffs on high levels of the deep theoretical and practical understanding of the biological articles. It also looks forward to preparing to be versed in biology and crystallizing the student’s personality by developing the cultural and social awareness to enable them to contribute to the society in the industrial, medical, and academic fields in botany, zoology, microbiology, and researching.

Department Activities


(A) Symposium on stem cells and future prospects.
(B) Seminar on secondary metabolites in plant and their therapeutic roles.
(C) Seminar on the biological uses of modern technologies in the field of life sciences.
(D) Symposium on environment-related cancer and immunology
(E) Seminar on the role of steroids and their negative effects on human health.
2-Seminars: more than 10 seminars have been held of an average episodes almost every month and the various disciplines ( zoology, microbiology, and botany )

3-Training Courses:

A- Cycle technologies and modern equipment laboratory
B- Lab Investigations
C- Tissue culture cycle
4-Seminars of Department of Biology: More than 30 seminars to date in a rate of one seminar a week

5-Graduate Students Debates:

A Master 6 students
B doctorate 5 students

6-Community Service:

A- Number of ELISA assays of 50 kt 155 (b) PCR assay
C- Different satisfactory analyzes 210
D- Electron microscope examinations: 67

7-Establishing an animal house
8-Opening branches in graduate
9-Opening master’s study in nano-technologies.
10-Research published in Iraq, and110 outside Iraq
11-Opening the electron microscope and histological shredder
12-Contribution to community activities through seminars and communicate scientific, cultural and scientific consulting provide a large number of institutions and government departments in various fields.
13-The department issues a scientific journal under the title (Journal of Kufa University for Biology), a scientific journal published for the purposes of promotion of scientific and promotions, it was founded in 2009 and is published every year by a single volume contains two issues a competent topics Life Sciences has been issued of which up to this year six volumes, ten numbers, the journal‘s ISSN number is ( ISSN:2073-8854) and is currently in the access to international indexing , The journal‘s website to the Department of Research and Development in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research within the Iraqi academic and scientific journals is (, as well as a website affiliated with the University of Kufa in which the publication of all numbers issued in PDF files. The department also contains animal house that various laboratory breeding animals for the purposes of research and studies take place. The department also has the glass house that is used for the purposes covered agriculture and scientific research purposes..



Aims of the Department

1-The aims of the department qualifying students to be conversant with the theoretical and practical aspects of the life sciences
2-Science to develop the student’s personality through the development of cultural and social awareness to be able to contribute effectively to the development of his community service capabilities of students in various fields of life sciences so that it can contribute effectively to the industrial activities and health , academic, and others
Preparation of cadres of a high degree of specialization in the core areas of life sciences and of the functions of plant, animal and micro- biology research with the development of their skills in the area of jurisdiction.

Graduate Studies

The Department of Biology awards MSc degree and PhD degree to its graduated students.
MSc in Biology
PhD in Botany
PhD in Zoology
PhD in Microbiology

Work Areas:

There are several scientific and professional fields that where graduates can be employed with experience and preparations gained in their study:
1-Extensive knowledge in the branches of biology with the possibility of employing the knowledge in field applications
2-The ability to diagnose problems caused by living organisms and finding appropriate solutions to these problems
3-employing cognitive side of Life Sciences in finding vital commodities and products that serve the community
4-search of new themes and the definition of the problems that need to be more in-depth research.


Head of Department: Dr Mehdi Al-Mi’mar
Coordinator of the Morning Study: Dr.Rand Mohammad
Coordinator of the Evening Study: DR. Saleem Khdhair

Academic program Specification

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