Department vision:

The Department of Chemistry, in coordination with the Deanship of the Faculty of Science, works to apply all methods that in turn work on developing the faculty quantitatively and qualitatively aim at developing the academic and research curricula in addition to increasing student capacity, on one hand, and on the other hand, organization and participation in workshops and conferences and seminars and symposiums at the local, regional and international levels, which are considered indicators that work to develop the academic and administrative work in the faculty.


Department Message:

• Preparing academic programs in the field of chemistry that meet the requirements of society.

• Preparing cadres in the fields of education laboratories, health and environment, and various industrial fields for standardization of chemical and biological materials.

• Organizing and preparing workshops, conferences and training courses in chemistry sciences, especially in the fields of scientific research and upgrading the scientific and practical level.


Department Objectives:

During this period, the department and the faculty members presented achievements that the university is proud of, and in a simple brief we summarize to our followers these achievements, which you can view in detail through the university’s website, the Faculty of Science website, Department of Chemistry:


• Graduating qualified chemists for the purpose of working in all laboratories of the branches of organic, inorganic, analytical, biological, physical and industrial chemistry with high competencies through the department’s advanced programs together with using modern technologies.

• Supporting postgraduate students and faculty members to conduct research and studies, especially applied ones, as well as developing the academic process.

• Providing the academic and scientific frameworks necessary to cover the community’s need for work force.

• Training and retraining of cadres and workers in the field of chemical laboratories and methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis.

• Strengthening the relations with bodies and research, scientific and technological centers inside and outside the Republic of Iraq.

About the department:

When the Faculty of Science was established for the academic year 1993-1994, the march of science and scientific research was embarked upon as one of the sources of science at the University of Kufa in the various specific specializations of chemistry such as (organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and industrial chemistry, as well as life and modern green chemistry and nanotechnology).

The first cycle of students graduated in the academic year (1996-1997 AD) and the number of cycles graduated from the department reached (24) until the academic year 2020-2021 AD. The department includes about 696 students for undergraduate studies, 67 students for postgraduate studies. In the Department of Chemistry there are several laboratories, including:

• Biochemistry

• Industrial Chemistry

• Instrument analysis

• Analytical chemistry

• Organic chemistry

• Inorganic chemistry

• Physical chemistry

• Organic Diagnostic Chemistry

• Computer Lab

Department Staff:

Head of the Department: Asst. prof. Dr. Mohammed Z. Ghdhayeb

Department Coordinator (morning): Lect. Dr. Basim Mohammed Ali Radhi Al Abbasy

Department Coordinator (evening): Lect.Dr.Muntadhar Mahammed Ali Hatam Kadhem Aljalal

Description of the academic program

Description of the postgraduate academic program

Undergraduate Coures

Postgraduate curses

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Doctoral thesis on finding a new method for drug estimation using enzymatic methods

The Department of Chemistry discussed a doctoral thesis on a new spectrophotometer for the estimation of some drugs in their pure form using enzymatic methods with applications, by researcher Safaa Abdel Kazem, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Mohaimen Mohamed Majeed. The thesis aimed to find a rapid method for estimating some new pharmaceutical compounds …


A workshop in the Chemistry Department on the research gap

The Chemistry Department held a workshop titled (A practical look at how to find the knowledge gap in the field of specialization) How to find a gap of knowledge in your field: a practical approach moderated by Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Abdel-Razzaq Al-Madani. The workshop aimed to shed light on the so-called research gap, which …


A doctoral thesis on the study of modern compounds with important medical and industrial applications

  The Chemistry Department discussed a doctoral thesis on a computational study of the physical and chemical properties of groups of organic minerals. The thesis, which was presented by PhD student Nourhan Mohsen Hamza, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Mohsen Abboud Mohsen, aimed to study a series of important compounds that are widely used …


The Faculty of Science holds the Arab Chemistry Week Festival

  Under the direct supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Science, and in cooperation with Hilla University College, the Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science held the Arab Chemistry Week Festival. The festival included introductory speeches and lectures on the Chemistry Department, a review of its most important scientific activities, and …


Doctoral thesis on the preparation of new organic reagents

  A doctoral thesis in the Department of Chemistry examined the preparation of new organic reagents and the study of some optical physical properties and their applications. It was presented by PhD student Haider Abdel Amir Abdel Hadi under the supervision of Professor Dr. Sami Waheed Radi. The thesis aims to design and manufacture a …


PhD thesis on the role of inflammatory indicators in the occurrence of complications in thalassemia patients

A doctoral thesis in the Department of Chemistry examined the evaluation of inflammatory markers as possible roles of complications in patients with spleen-removed and non-spleen-removed beta-thalassemia. The thesis presented by the researcher Ayat Saeed Awad aims to evaluate the markers of immunoasphrologic inflammation TFF3, Metrnl, Cx3cl1, LL37 in the serums of beta thalassemia major patients …


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