Department vision:


• The Department of Geology seeks to reach a prominent position among the departments of the faculty by keeping pace with the increasing scientific development by developing the academic staff, distinguished researchers and specialized scientific laboratories

• Preparing modern scientific plans and programs that provide graduates with knowledge, skills and methods of scientific research.

• Providing theoretical and laboratory geological scientific consultations for the public and private sectors in order to achieve the university’s goals in serving the Iraqi community.

• Work to spread the scientific geological culture in the community through preparing and organizing workshops, courses, seminars and conferences.

• Encouraging and supporting the investment of the natural resources available in the country in a scientifically sound manner.


Department Message:


Building a scientific department that studies modern geological curricula both theoretically and practically, reinforced by field work. This task is performed by a scientific cadre specialized in teaching and scientific research and achieving leadership and excellence as a professional educational institution that works to qualify and graduate national workforce with a high degree of competence to support the labor market and to be a main source of research  being supportive of the economic process and participation in social care. The department works to achieve its mission by providing distinguished higher education in accordance with international standards to meet the requirements of the labor market with scientific and educational skills, diligence and interest in original, discreet scientific research and its ethics to ensure the achievement of excellence for the department and serve the local community to solve problems and raise the level of institutions’ performance






Department Objectives:


• Preparing graduates in the specialization of earth sciences and its applications at the level of undergraduate studies, in a way that contributes to covering the needs of the state and society in the specialization of Geology.

• The development of scientific research in the field of geology at the level of research for faculty or postgraduate students.

• Consolidating scientific relations with universities, bodies and scientific centers inside and outside Iraq.

·       Keeping pace with the scientific development in the field of specialization.

• Building an educational institution characterized by progress and sophistication, and building bridges of communication with other institutions.


About the department:


The department was established in 2012 and has become one of the important and vital departments in the Faculty of Science, as it includes a cadre specialized in various fields of applied geosciences and in various scientific ranks of holders of doctoral and master’s degrees and this staff contributes to the teaching and laboratory and practical exercises needed by students of the initial stages and student research projects for the fourth stage, methodical field work. The department has contributed to the graduation of dozens of holders of a bachelor’s degree in geosciences that have provided public and private sector establishments and institutions with scientific cadres who have demonstrated high efficiency, professionalism and merit in performance, thus contributing to building and developing the scientific and urban movement in Iraq.

The department aims, in addition to academic teaching in the specialization of earth sciences and providing its theoretical and educational materials, to prepare the scientific cadres specialized in mineral exploration and exploration for wealth and natural resources, to identify strategic and renewable storage thereof, to keep pace with scientific and global development in this specialty, and to find optimal ways to invest, mine and manufacture these resources and benefit of which. The department also aims to take care of the environment and address the problems that arise as a result of population and industrial expansion, or that result from the investment of natural resources.

The Department of Applied Geosciences is keen to develop students’ skills, consolidate mental excellence and cultivate talents among students, and emphasize increasing modern scientific knowledge and adhering to sound community ethics while increasing the student’s individual experience in order to achieve a better career future.

In Najaf and the surrounding areas, there are many productive institutions and projects that need geological cadres in the various joints of their work, such as the Geological Survey, the Najaf refinery, the Kufa cement plant, and the stone quarries in the Najaf desert. Earth sciences contain laboratories including: –

•       Natural and Historical Geology Laboratory

•       Computer Application Lab

•       Geochemistry laboratory

•       Geophysics Laboratory



Working Opportunities for the Graduates

1- Geological Survey
2- Ministry of Oil Offices
3- Exploring Offices
4- Minerals and Oil Mining
5- Ministry of Water Resources
6- Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
7- Oil Companies
8- Engineering Companies
9- Quarries

Department Staff:

Head of the Department: Prof. Dr Hussein Muoaa Hussein


Department Coordinator (morning): Asst. Prof. Dr. Shurooq Mahdi Ali Hussien Alazzawi

Department Coordinator (evening):

Faculty members of the Department of Geology Sciences
Lecture Tables Geology Department
Biographical links of members of the teaching staff of the Geology Department
Links to teaching and learning for the initial study of the Geology Department

Academic program Specification in 26/11/2019 updated for the year 2020-2021

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