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Journal of Kufa Physics

A scientific  journal published by Physics department – Faculty of Science University of Kufa

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Ali KhalafHasan Editor-in-Chief University ofKufa
Prof. Dr. Adel H. OmranAlkhayatt Managing Editor University ofKufa
Prof. Dr. Zainuriah Hassan Member USM University
Prof. Dr. Abdel Nasser Tawfik Member Modern University for TechnologyandInformation
 Prof. Dr. HussianHamed Abed ALGazaly Member University ofKufa
Assistant Prof. Dr. Adnan FalihHasan Member University ofKufa
Assistant Prof. Dr. Sahib Nimma Abdul Wahid Member University ofKufa
Assistant Prof. Dr. Eman Abdul Malik Member University ofKufa

Editorial Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mahmood Abed University of Karbala
Prof. Dr. RaadHameedMajeed University of Baghdad
Prof. Dr. RaadShakirAbays University of AL-Qadsya
Prof. Dr. KareemaMajeedZidan University of Basrah
Prof. Dr. Khalid HussienHatif University of Babylon
Assistant Prof. Dr. Ali HadiAlhamdani University of Technology
Prof. Dr. RaadM.S. AL-Haddad University of Baghdad
 Prof. Dr. KadhimJawadAlshjeri University of Al-mustansiriyah

Linguistic evaluation

Dr. Najim A. Askouri English Language
Dr. Hussain Abed Ali Baqer English Language
Assistant Lecturer Alaa Mahdi Alnaffakh Arabic  Language
Technical Supervision
Ali Abdulhussein Al-Allaq
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