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Determination of Radiation Dose from Routine X-ray Examination at Three Selected Hospitals in AlNajaf, Iraq

Hussien Abid Ali Bakir, Talib A. Abdulwahid*, Aymen S. Amran, Aqeel H. Al Zurfi
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Kufa, ALnajif, Iraq
People who undertaken different X-ray examinations are already exposed to
ionizing radiation which causes biological effects. Therefore assessing the patient
radiation dose is a prerequisite element in optimizing the X-ray practice and to avoid
the unnecessary radiation dose. The aim of this research is to assess the skin
radiation dose for those patients who undertaking routine X-ray examinations in
selected three hospitals in Al Najaf city.
Three X-ray units were involved in this experimental study; these were belonging
to three hospitals in Al Najaf city-Iraq, namely Al-Sadder teaching hospital, AlHakeem general hospital and Al-Zahraa hospital. Data of exposure parameters (tube
potential (kVp), tube current (mAs) and source to detector distance (d cm)). The data
were collected from 160 patients exposed to radiation during different X-ray
examinations. Patients were chosen to be within adult range (>18 years) and the
selection was random (male and female). Patient skin dose was calculated
mathematically using an established formula depending on the recorded exposure
factor (kVp, mAs and d). Different X-ray examinations were considered, namely
skull Posterior –anterior (PA), skull Lateral (LAT), chest PA, chest LAT, abdomen
Anterior-posterior (AP), pelvis AP, lumbar spine AP and lumbar LAT. The average
skin dose for all X-ray examinations considered in this research were as follow: 0.9,
0.76, 0.23, 0.41, 1.85, 1.82, 2.03 and 3.44 mGy, for skull PA, skull LAT, chest PA,
chest LAT, abdomen AP, pelvis AP, lumbar spine(LS) AP and Lumbar spine
(LS)LAT respectively. The results demonstrate that the dose values were
comparable to those that were previously reported in published reference.
Keywords: skin dose, X-ray examinations, radiation protection, radiography.
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