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A lecturer at the Faculty of Science participates in the third international conference of Al-Kafeel University

Dr. Widad Ibrahim Yahya, a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Kufa participated in the Third International Conference of Al-Kafeel University, In the third international conference of Al-Kafeel University, the research entitled  “Preparation, diagnosis and study of the microbial activity of new azo complexes derived …

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Study The Anomaly Earth’s Magnetic Field of The Area Located Between Kufa and Manathira in Najaf Province

Abbas F. Nori Kufa University- Faculty of Science–Dep. of Ecology Abbasf.hussein@uokufa.edu.iq Abstract In this paper, the global model magnetic (WMM2010) was used to study the anomaly Earth’s magnetic field of the area between the center of Kufa city and the center of Manathira city in Najaf province (longitude 44.38o – …

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Study of the Natural Radioactivity of selected models of the land of some schools of Qasem city using the Gama ray spectroscopy

Ali Khalaf Hasan* Khalid Hussien Hatif** Rawaa Amer Hameed* *Education College for Women University of Kufa **College of Science University of Babylon Abstract In this work, the natural radioactivity levels were determined in some selected samples of soil of certain schools in Al Qassim city in the province of Babylon, …

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The Faculty of Science holds a seminar on a computational chemical study of nanomaterials

The Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Science at the University of Kufa held a seminar that included a lecture by Dr. Haider Abdul-Razzaq on the use of density function theory combined with a genetic algorithm to simulate iron-palladium nanoparticle systems. The seminar dealt with studying the selected nanostructures …

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The Fcaulty of Science holds an electronic workshop on how to provide health care to Corona patients in home quarantine

The faculty of Science at the University of Kufa held an electronic workshop on how to provide health care to people infected with Coronavirus in home quarantine.   The workshop was moderated by Assistant Lecturer Ashraf Raouf Al-Asadi, who provided an explanation of his volunteer experience in providing health services …

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How the human body uses energy

Muhammad Hamid Hussain,  January 19, 2021 Preparing a local vaccine for viruses that infect the respiratory system is important for all age groups, and the goal is to control infection and prevent its spread, noting that many viruses that affect the upper and lower respiratory system are more than about …

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