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Hydrothermally growth of TiO2 Nanorods, characterization and annealing temperature effect

1 Nada Falih M.,2 Saleem Azara Hussain,3 Shawki Khalaf Muhammad 1 Adel H. Omran Alkhayatt* 1 Faculty of Science, University of Kuf, Iraq 2 College of Education, University of Al Qadisiyah, Iraq 3 Faculty of Education for Girls, University of Kufa, Iraq *Corresponding author: adilh.alkhayat@uokufa.edu.iq Abstracts Titanium dioxide TiO2 nanorods …

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Optical Properties of Non-Crystalline Fluorine Doped Hematite Fe2O3 thin Films Deposited by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Technique

Adel H. Omran Alkhayatt1,a* , Azhar A. Habeeb2,b and Nibras F. Ali3,c 1,2,3University of Kufa, Faculty of Science, AL-Najaf, Iraq a *adilh.alkhayat@uokufa.edu.iq, bazher.shamsuddin@uokufa.edu.iq, cnibrasf.alshammari@uokufa.edu.iq Keywords: Spray Pyrolysis; Optical properties, Hematite Fe2O3; Thin films. Abstract. By using the spray pyrolysis technique, un-doped and Fluorine highly doped iron oxide Fe2O3 thin films …

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Impact of reaction temperature on the structural, surface morphology and antibacterial activity of hydrothermally synthesized CdS nanoparticles

1Adel H. OmranAlkhayatt, 1,2Mohammad Rassol Ahmed 1University of Kufa, Faculty of Science 2University of IbnHayyan , Faculty of Medicine E-mail: adilh.alkhayat@uokufa.edu.iq Abstract. Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) nanoparticles were synthesized hydrothermally at various reaction temperatures (140, ,160, 180,200) ° C. Crystal structure and surface morphology were studied corresponding to the reaction temperature. …

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An electronic workshop entitled (Types of Vaccines Against the Covid 19 Virus Available in Iraqi Hospitals and Their Mechanism of Action)

Through this workshop, the light were shed on the types of vaccines designated for the Covid 19 epidemic that are available in Iraqi hospitals and health centers (the American vaccine Pfizer – the British vaccine AstraZeneca – the Chinese vaccine Sinopharma – the Russian vaccine) and what is the difference …

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