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Daily Archives: November 10, 2022

The Department of Physics organizes an awareness seminar for students of internal departments

The Department of Physics in the College of Science organized an awareness-raising symposium for the students of the internal departments. The symposium included two lectures by Prof. Bassem Abdel-Hassan and Dr. Hussein Abdullah, which dealt with emphasizing the development of student skills and talents, and the need to follow positive …

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A seminar in the Department of Chemistry on the preparation of effective coronary ethers in biological and industrial applications

 The Department of Chemistry held a seminar on the preparation of symmetric sulfur crown ethers from glucopyranosides. The episode included a lecture by Prof. Dr. Karim Jaber Sabah, in which he dealt with the preparation of several new compounds in nine sequential steps by adopting the idea of ​​preparing compounds …

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The Faculty of Science holds a Seminars on breast cancer

The Quality Division and the Psychological Counseling, Educational Guidance and Women’s Empowerment Units at the College of Science, in cooperation with Najaf Health Affairs, held an educational symposium entitled Breast Cancer Awareness. The symposium aimed at educating the community, especially the women’s category, by transmitting the instructions to reach the …

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The Department of Laboratory investigations holds a seminar on beneficial intestinal bacteria

The Laboratory Investigations Department held a seminar on beneficial intestinal bacteria (microbiome) and antibiotics. The seminar included a lecture by Dr. Ibtihal Idris Ahmed, in which she addressed the role of beneficial intestinal bacteria, their importance in the human body, and the negative effects of antibiotics on them. The seminar …

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The Department of Environment holds a panel discussion on the use of biochar in heavy water treatment

 The Department of Environment and Pollution held a panel discussion on the applications of biochar in wastewater treatment. The episode included a lecture by Prof. Dr. Sadeq Kazem Lafta, in which he addressed the evaluation of the biochar industry to remove pollutants from water contaminated with sewage, and the exploitation …

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