Daily Archives: September 11, 2023

Master’s thesis on the diagnosis of viruses in children with diabetes

  A master’s thesis in the Department of Pathological Analysis examined the diagnosis of viruses associated with type 1 diabetes in children of different age groups and for both sexes. The thesis, which was presented by MSc student Zainab Hassan Darwish, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Fadia Mahdi Muslim, …

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Master’s thesis on evaluating some inflammatory indicators in thalassemia patients

  The Chemistry Department discussed a master’s thesis on evaluating the levels of macrophage inflammatory protein alpha-1 and interleukin-13 in Iraqi patients with thalassemia. The thesis submitted by researcher Batoul Mezher Nasser, under the supervision of Dr. Muntadhar Muhammad Ali, included the estimation of a group of elements such as …

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A doctoral thesis on the most important applications of Interpenetrating polymer network

  A doctoral thesis in the Department of Chemistry investigated the preparation of some Interpenetrating polymer network and their spectroscopic study in removing heavy metal ion pollutants. The thesis presented by PhD student Nabaa Karim Saeed, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Hussein Jassim Mohammed, aims to prove the environmental, …

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