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Dean’s word

In the name of God the Merciful, the Munificent

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the Prophet who was sent as a mercy to the worlds, and upon his pure family and his righteous companions.

With the advent of the new academic year 2023, I am pleased to take this opportunity to extend my sincere congratulations to my fellow faculty members and dear students, wishing that this academic year will be a year full of health, full of solidarity, love, seriousness and diligence, and flourishing with success, giving and success, in order to achieve the faculty’s journey Education in community service, continuing to achieve higher levels of quality and scientific sobriety, building a good scientific reputation for our faculty among its counterparts from faculties, preserving the faculty’s identity and its responsible academic path, and our hope for our dear students to be active since the first day, and to invest time in consolidating authentic values and gaining scientific and practical experience and the accumulation of knowledge in the fields of their various specializations, so here you are looking forward to advancing the reality of our dear country.

And after the Corona pandemic has passed, the faculty professors continue their rich scientific and research giving, and the advancement of scientific research platforms inside and outside Iraq, and they are fully prepared to work in accordance with the in person education pattern, and to achieve the requirements of the quality of teaching and learning and to adopt modern teaching methods within the concepts of flexible reflexive learning, and follow-up the requirements of theoretical, practical, laboratory and applied curricula and their development, with the aim of achieving the required cognitive, skill, emotional and qualification goals, and according to labor market indicators.

The Deanship of the Faculty is continuing to implement its plans drawn up in the research-applied, scientific, educational and extension fields, and building bridges with scientific and community institutions, to implement community service programs, as well as programs for empowering women, establishing various student and cultural activities, and expanding scientific relations inside and outside the country to achieve the requirements of the government program of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and to serve our honorable Iraqi society, in addition to continuing to work hard to develop the faculty’s infrastructure in order to make it a distinguished scientific edifice.

My students…

Today, I address your spirit of responsibility as the focal point of the educational process, the builders of the future, and the primary beneficiary of the success of our efforts. I invite you to be patient, persevere, and have morals that are commensurate with your academic and knowledge level as university students. I ask you to facilitate the task of professors and administrators who work day and night for your success in your academic journey. Please do not make mere success a goal for you in itself, but rather the ultimate goal is excellence and setting a good example for future generations.

I also address all faculty cadres, including professors, technicians, and administrators, and remind them of their responsibilities in front of God and the country in mastering the tasks entrusted to them, each in what concerns him/her.

In conclusion, there is great hope for all of you to continue to achieve a real qualitative leap in our dear faculty, within its scientific and societal arena… praying to the Almighty to protect you and your honorable families, to grant you health and perpetual wellness, and to award goodness, peace and prosperity on our country… He is the guardian of success.

Prof. Dr. Haider Saleh Al Shafei

Dean of the Faculty