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Postgraduate enrollment
The postgraduate / master’s degree in the Faculty of Science in the Department of Biology started in the academic year (1998-1999) and closed in the academic year (2004-2005) .The study was resumed in the same department (2007-2008)  for the granting of master’s and doctoral (PhD) degrees.
The Master of Science in Chemistry and Physics was opened for the academic year (2008-2009). The Faculty of Science seeks to open a Master and PhD studies in all its scientific departments.
Admission requirements:
The mechanism for submission and acceptance of postgraduate studies in the Faculty of Science follows the ministerial regulations and conditions for the year 2012 in addition to some controls for the University and the Faculty of Science, within the following:
  • The conditions and admission plan that set by the opinion body of the research and development department of the Ministry of Higher Education and approved by the Minister of Higher Education for 2012-2013 should be reviewed and checked precisely, which can be found here: ??
  1. Department of Biology
  2. Department of Chemistry
  3.  Department of Physics
  4.  Department of Pathological Analysis

And a PhD in the following specializations:

  1. Department of Biology
  2. Department of Chemistry
Application Forms for postgraduate studies:
1. Form of political prisoners
2. Creators form
3. A nomination form for athletes champions for admission to postgraduate studies
4. Form of the martyrs’ families
5. Interview form
6. Student data
7. Commitment
8. Briefing book
9. Appendix
10. The four official documents
11. Four personal photos with white background
12. The graduation document contains the average and the order
*Submitting these documents to the postgraduate studies division in the deanship of the Faculty of Science located in the University main campus in two copies after filling these forms by the applicant with the blue dry pen and personally signed by him.
Competitive Examination subjects for the departments
Department of Environment Department
Physics department
Automated analysis
Optics and laser
Chemical pollution and treatment of chemical pollution
Solid state physics
Environmental pollution (soil, water, air)
Microbial contamination and treatment of microbial contamination
Quantum physics
Biological diversity
Atomic physics
Environmental Microbiology
Electricity and magnetism
Algae and phytoplankton
Nuclear physics
Classification of an animal
Classical mechanics
Epidemic diseases
Natural phenomena
Renewable energy
Treatment of radioactive contamination